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Blaž Rus, Author at Humanizing Digital Work

Crew member: Marko Orel

Previous Next Marko Orel is an organisational sociologist who works as an assistant professor and a head of the Centre for Workplace Research (CWER) at Prague University of Economics and Business. He specialises in exploring the changing nature of the workplace and the transformation of work and work-related processes. In addition to that, Marko is […]

Crew member: Simona Šarotar Žižek

Previous Next Simona Šarotar Žižek, Associate Professor holds PhD in Economic and Business Sciences. She has completed up her theoretical knowledge permanently by the practical work. After 9 years in Mura, she joined University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business in 2007, as lecturer in Management, specialized for Human Resource Management. She is head […]

Anticipatory psychological contracts of young labour market entrants: a multi-country study with a Confucian work ethic ‘twist’

We explore generational and cultural effects within anticipatory psychological contracts (APCs) of young labour market entrants in Confucian East Asia (China, South Korea) and Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovenia). We identify prevailing APC types and compare the two regions, paying special attention to Confucian Work Ethic (CWE). Using matched samples of 953 undergraduate business […]

Workplace inclusion–exclusion and knowledge-hiding behaviour of minority members

The increased mobility of people has resulted in an increasingly culturally diverse workforce. Organisations aim to ensure that all employees – regardless of race, ethnicity and religion – receive equal treatment. However, these ideas are often disconnected from reality. This paper attempts to bridge the knowledge management and diversity literature to examine knowledge hiding by […]