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Leadership-promoted diversity climate and group identification

Purpose Besides diversity’s positive effects, groups of “we” against “them” may form in accordance with social categorization theory, showing diversity’s negative consequences. The authors aim to reconcile these results and examine their boundary conditions. Design/methodology/approach The authors studied 584 working professionals from five contexts (transnational companies dealing with multicultural interactions) and analyzed data using moderated-mediation […]

How to design jobs for relatively older workers in order to foster their innovative work behavior?

Purpose Integrating the lifespan perspectives on job design and creativity/innovation, the purpose of this paper is to examine the moderating role of chronological age in the relationship between cognitive job demands (i.e. job complexity and job innovation requirements) and individual innovative work behavior (IWB). Design/methodology/approach Multilevel regression analyses are employed to analyze survey data of […]

Humanizing Digital Mental Health through Social Media

As the lives of young people expand further into digital spaces, our understandings of their expressions and language on social media become more consequential for providing individualized and applicable mental health resources. This holds true for young people exposed to high rates of community violence who may also lack access to health resources offline. Social […]