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Crew member: Simona Šarotar Žižek - Humanizing Digital Work

Simona Šarotar Žižek, Associate Professor holds PhD in Economic and Business Sciences. She has completed up her theoretical knowledge permanently by the practical work. After 9 years in Mura, she joined University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business in 2007, as lecturer in Management, specialized for Human Resource Management. She is head of Institute of Management and Organization and Head of University education programme (3+) “Business Management in organization”. She is author and/or co-author of 59 scientific articles published in international and Slovenian journals and of +100 papers presented at scientific and expert conferences. She is also author and/or co-author of +4 scientific monographs and +92 chapters in scientific and expert monograph. She was also the leader of international Interreg projects such as Smart Production, Regio Help and Chance4Change on behalf of partner’s organization. She also participated in other international project such as Culture4leadership: A research of intercultural leadership competencies in four different EU-countries. She was actively involved in research projects: in Targeted Research Project under Prof. Dr. Sonja Sibila Lebe and at the basic research project under Prof. Dr., Dr. Matjaž Mulej. She is now a member of the research program P5-0027: Adapting the Slovenian Economy and her Developmental Identity to the EU.