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Crew member: Peter Trkman - Humanizing Digital Work

Full professor of information systems and supply chain management at a triple-crown accredited business school.
I have a deliberately wide portfolio of teaching, research and consulting areas including digital transformation, electronic business, business models (innovation), supply chain management and business process management.
• Connecting with diverse audiences
• High scores in evaluation surveys for energetic lecturing style, relevance and topic applicability.
• Over 40 research papers in highly rated journals.
• Over 6,000 citations; five of my papers (on business analytics, business process management, business models and supply chain risk management) are in the 1% most cited papers in Scopus.
• helping organizations to not only achieve long-term improvements in their business models and processes, but to also ‘get out of their current box’.
• teaching international students at my homeschool and being a guest lecturer at several universities.