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Crew member: Kaja Primc - Humanizing Digital Work

Assistant professor Kaja Primc, Ph.D., a Harvard Extension School Alumni, is very resourceful and used to working in diverse groups. Formerly employed at the School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana, she joined Institute for Economic Research in Ljubljana 2018, where she has led and contributed her professional knowledge to numerous projects. Her work is published in top-ranked scientific journals, including Energy Policy, Organization & Environment and Resources, Conservation & Recycling. She is also H2020 external expert and coordinator of the Council of the Strategic Development and Innovation Partnership of the Factories of the Future (SRIP ToP) with responsibility for managing the vertical value chain of Smart Plasma Systems. Since 2015, Kaja has also been actively developing its entrepreneurial vein by retailing eco-friendly products on the global platform Etsy, proven by the fact that it runs the second-most successful Slovenian store.