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Crew member: Ivan Radević - Humanizing Digital Work

Ivan Radević is a professor in the Department of Management and
Organization at the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics in Podgorica.
Also, Ivan is engaged at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of
Montenegro on course of Management in ICT.

Ivan is engaged as a lecturer in the School of Rhetoric in Podgorica. He is
a licensed state lecturer and examiner in the field of informatics. For more
than 25 years, Ivan has been active in his family’s business. Also, he is one
of the founders of the Sports and Recreational Association “Ekomen”
and NGO “Argument“.

He has published three books: “Digital Economy and Marketing Management”,
“Rhetoric in the Function of Leadership” and
“Knowledge Management and Organization:
Healthcare Quality in Montenegro”
as well as many scientific papers.

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