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Crew member: Darija Aleksić - Humanizing Digital Work

Darija Aleksić is Assistant Professor in the field of management and organization at the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business (SEB LU). Darija was EQUIS Project Leader at SEB LU. She teaches the following courses: Introduction to Business, Organizational behaviour, and Project management. Her research interests include ethical behaviour, flow at work, workaholism, motivation, work-life balance, remote work, digitalization, and creativity. She is also a co-founder of Society for Business Ethics and Ethical leadership and a member of the expert council of the association. She actively participates in domestic (scientific and expert) and international conferences in the field of management and organizational behaviour. Darija is also a member of the research group “Digitalization as Driving Force for Sustainability of Individuals, Organizations, and Society”. She has participated in many international projects, and works as a reviewer for several international journals from the fields of management and organizational behaviour.