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Crew member: Alon Hasgall - Humanizing Digital Work - Humanizing Digital Work

Alon Hasgall wrote a PhD on adaptive systems in a complex environment, and since then he has been researching, lecturing, and developing solutions in the field of distributed organizations and autonomous work methods based on information and data analysis, knowledge management and the use of “swarm” technologies. Alon is also the chairman of the Innovation Center of the Center for Information Technologies in Israel. Previously, Alon was in the army [reserve lieutenant colonel.], then in high-tech, founded and managed 3 interesting startups. He was the chairman of the Internet Association in Israel, published many articles and a book. He used to be CEO of a consulting company for digital transformation and organizational innovation. He is currently the head of the B.Sc information systems program at Ramat Gan Academic College, as well as member of the “Information and Data Analysis” professional committee, Ministry of Education, Israel. In his free time, Alon likes to engage in sports of all kinds, to engage in DIY and a lot of science fiction.