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Amadeja Lamovšek, Author at Humanizing Digital Work

Leadership-promoted diversity climate and group identification

Purpose Besides diversity’s positive effects, groups of “we” against “them” may form in accordance with social categorization theory, showing diversity’s negative consequences. The authors aim to reconcile these results and examine their boundary conditions. Design/methodology/approach The authors studied 584 working professionals from five contexts (transnational companies dealing with multicultural interactions) and analyzed data using moderated-mediation […]

Why do organizations leverage social media to create business value?

Why do organizations develop and execute social media initiatives to create business value? This study addresses this prominent and critical research question for IS research on the business value of social media. Drawing on the institutional theory, we argue that mimetic, coercive, and normative pressure persuade organizations to use social media to improve marketing performance. […]

How do personality and work climate influence knowledge hiding?

Understanding employee knowledge hiding behavior can serve organizations in better implementing knowledge management practices. The purpose of this study is to investigate how personality and work climate influence knowledge hiding, by examining the respective roles of openness to experience and relational (specifically, communal sharing and market pricing) climates. Multilevel modeling was used with two distinct samples, […]

Does digital literacy contribute to individuals’ innovative work behavior?

Digital transformation has put tremendous pressure on employees to innovate with the use of information technology (IT). This paper explores the extent to which digital literacy and personal innovativeness contribute to individual’s innovative work behavior (IWB). To test our hypotheses, we apply double bootstrapping chained mediation analyses paired with relative importance analysis on a dataset […]

Toward a model of socializing project team members: An integrative approach

Project work is becoming more and more important in everyday business, as is staffing the right newcomers for the project. Recognizing that not all new project team workers possess equally important specific knowledge, skills and abilities for the success of projects, we draw on project management, human resource management, and organizational socialization literature to develop […]

How can digital workers build resilience and career commitment in the gig economy?

The present study investigates how individual and collaborative job crafting may help digital labourers to build resilience and career commitment in the gig economy. Results based on a time‐lagged survey from 334 digital labourers indicate that those who engaged in higher individual job crafting reported subsequently higher resilience at the outset. Moreover, high collaborative job […]