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e-Wanderlust: Striking Harmony between Work and Well-being in the Nomadic Lifestyle

The ever-advancing wave of technological evolution ushers in fresh avenues for redefining our careers, and methods of work and collaboration. Digital nomadism represents one such form that is clearly on the uptake, and actually denotes a lifestyle phenomenon, as work and life become increasingly boundaryless, global, and disentangled (Hannonen, 2020). As defined by Cook (2023, p. 259), digital nomads are individuals who “use digital technologies to work remotely; they have the ability to work and travel simultaneously, have autonomy over frequency and choice of location, and visit at least three locations a year that are not their own or a friend’s or family home.” 

Digital nomads seek balance between work, travel, and leisure in environments where the boundaries of the three are often blurred (Orel, 2023). They leverage technology while searching for the optimal work environment, often gravitating towards coworking spaces that represent both their work and life habitats, as well as places of well-being (Orel, 2019). Managing such workers and self-managing such a vocation involve important challenges, and due to the blurred lines between digital nomads’ work and life, it represents a work context that crucially interplays with sleep, stress, and consequently, the overall well-being of digital nomads.

We are kicking off a (predominantly quantitative, survey-based) large cross-country data collection research project and are soliciting potential collaborators. We will be targeting digital nomads in specific countries or regions (30/region) during the data collection period (projected for Fall 2024). We envisioned targeting at least 30 countries, also covering all GLOBE cultural bands. The research will primarily focus on the dynamics of work, sleep, stress, and well-being among digital nomads, with the possibility of expanding our scope as our research progresses. 

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